Price Winners

The previous winners of the ISBT Presidential Award are:

2000 Prof. P.L. Mollison (UK)

2002 Prof. H.J. Alter (USA)

2004 Prof. D.J. Anstee (UK), ánd

             Prof. J.-P. Cartron (France)

2006 Prof. C.F. Högman (Sweden)

2008 Prof. Dr. S. Slichter (USA)

2010 Prof. Dr. C.P. Engelfriet (Netherlands)

2012 Prof. R.H. Purcell (USA)

2014 Prof. D. Lo Yuk-Ming (Hong Kong)

2016 Prof. H.G. Klein (USA)

2018 Prof. Michael Paul Busch, M.D., Ph.D. (USA)

2020 Prof. Anneke Brand (The Netherlands)

2022 Prof. Nancy Heddle (Canada)

2024 Prof Thierry Burnouf (France)