Price Winners

The previous winners of the ISBT Presidential Award are:

2000 Prof. P.L. Mollison (UK)

2002 Prof. H.J. Alter (USA)

2004 Prof. D.J. Anstee (UK), ánd

             Prof. J.-P. Cartron (France)

2006 Prof. C.F. Högman (Sweden)

2008 Prof. Dr. S. Slichter (USA)

2010 Prof. Dr. C.P. Engelfriet (Netherlands)

2012 Prof. R.H. Purcell (USA)

2014 Prof. D. Lo Yuk-Ming (Hong Kong)

2016 Prof. H.G. Klein (USA)

2018 Prof. Michael Paul Busch, M.D., Ph.D. (USA)

2020 Prof. Anneke Brand (The Netherlands)

2022 Prof. Nancy Heddle (USA)